Someone has asked me to send them pictures of me undressed or to do something online I am not happy with, what should I do?

If someone has sent you pictures of a graphic nature or if someone has asked you to send them pictures of you undressed or doing something that you are not happy with you should do the following:

  • Do not respond to the message
  • If you have already sent them some pictures or have previously spoken to them online, do not send any more pictures or continue to speak to them online
  • Tell someone what has happened, this might be a parent, teacher or someone else you trust
  • Report the matter to the police or Child Exploitation Online Protection centre (CEOP)

You will not get into trouble and you might help stop this from happening again or happening to someone else.

You can contact Lancashire Police by telephone on 101.

If you want further information you can also visit the following websites:

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