I have been surfing the internet have come across indecent pictures on a website, what do I do?

Certain parts of the internet are not safe for children or young people or may contain images or text that you find unpleasant but are not illegal.

It is not for example uncommon to have images of adult men or women that are used to promote the sale of or subscription to 'adult' sites.

If you are concerned about keeping children and young people safe online and how you can restrict access to certain parts of the internet you can get advice on how to do this at the UK Safer internet Centre.

Child sexual abuse and graphic sexual images

If you are concerned about images that you have seen on a webpage and that you think might be illegal, you should report this to the Internet Watch Foundation.

Criminal content in the UK includes child sexual abuse images, criminally obscene adult content as well as non-photographic child sexual abuse images. 

Online terrorism

You can report terrorism related content to the police’s Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit.

Hate speech

Online content which incites hatred on the grounds of race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender should be reported to True Vision.

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