What can I do to reduce the risk of my phone being stolen?

Here are some simple things to consider to protect your handset from opportunist thieves:

  • busy locations such as concert venues, shopping centres, and public transport (where close contact with others is normal) are popular places for pickpockets, especially if your handset is visible in an open bag, or hanging out of your back pocket
  • thinking about when you use your phone – outside underground stations can be popular venues for snatch theft, as people instinctively get their handsets out to check for signal and any missed calls
  • don't leave your handset unattended in public places - you would not leave your wallet unattended, but a surprising number of people leave their mobile phone on the table or in a bag while they go to the bar to order a drink, or go to the toilet
  • don't use your phone in dimly lit places, the bright screen will be more obvious and attract attention
  • if you are using your phone to listen to music use headphones, with your phone securely in your pocket, playing music loudly will attract attention as will walking down the street with it in your hand
  • mind your surroundings, take time to look up from your screen and scan where you are and who is nearby, if you are suspicious, put your phone away and move to somewhere you feel safe.

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