What is Child Rescue Alert?

Child Rescue Alert (CRA) is a system that issues alerts to the public via email, text message, the media and social media when a child has disappeared and their life is at risk, to assist the police in finding them.

The system is the responsibility of the National Crime Agency (NCA) and can be launched by any force in the country. Here in Lancashire, a CRA would be activated if a child within the county, apparently under 18 years old, was perceived to be in imminent danger of serious harm or death, and there was sufficient information available to enable you, the public, to assist us in finding them.

Thankfully, we have never had to launch a CRA in our county to date but it’s important that you sign up with your details in case this unfortunately ever occurs.

How you can help

If a child goes missing, is abducted or is in imminent danger, families are devastated and every single minute is crucial in bringing them home safely.  

Every bit of potential information we receive could help in a search, so do your bit now and you could help save a child’s life later.

Why don't you register to receive Child Rescue Alerts?

Receive alerts on social media

You can also receive information via the free Child Rescue Alert app which is available to download from the App Store for iPhone users and also on Android.

You can follow Child Rescue Alerts on Twitter. When a CRA has been launched, critical information will be shared in real time through Twitter alerts that you can also sign up to on the Twitter page.

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