I have been reported as missing but I am safe and don't want people to know where I am, what should I do?

There are occasions when someone will be reported as missing by a friend or relative but have simply left home and do not wish to return.

If you are an adult and the police are not looking for you in relation to a crime or legal order (care, mental health etc..) then the police have no powers to return you home against your wishes and have no legal obligation to disclose your whereabouts.

We would always advise you to make contact with friends and family to try to reassure them you are safe and well and also to reconcile whatever issues led you to leave home but if you do not wish to make contact with anyone you do not have to.

In such cases the police will simply ask to speak to you in person so that we can check that your are safe and well and not acting under duress, you can do this by meeting an officer at a convenient location or calling into a police station. 

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