What sort of messages can I get from In The Know?

We will send you information about events and what local police are doing in your area, updates about incidents and crime, warnings about crimes in your area, appeals to trace people who the police wish to speak to, images to help use identify people that we need to trace, as well as important information about how you can prevent crime in your area.

We also have partnerships with other local public services who can also send you messages about what they are doing in your local area.

The system allows YOU to choose who you wish to receive messages from and what subjects interest you, this means that the only messages that you will get are the only ones that are relevant to you. You can log into the system at any time and change your preferences so that you can manage what you receive as your needs or interests change.

How will I know emails are from Lancashire Police?

All In The Know messages are sent within the secure Neighbourhood Alert system and are clearly branded as being from Lancashire Constabulary.

Will you send me spam?

No, the only communication we will have with you will be via the In The Know email and occasional consultation via email.

Can I report crime by In The Know?

No, this scheme is not intended to receive information about crimes, you can report crime online by calling 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

Can I use In The Know in an emergency?

No, in an emergency you should always dial 999. An emergency is when there is a risk of serious injury, there is risk of serious damage to property, you suspect a crime is in progress or there is a serious incident which needs immediate police attendance. For non-urgent matters you can report incidents online or call 101.

Does this replace telephone calls?

No, if you need to speak to Lancashire Police by telephone please contact us on 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

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