How secure is In The Know?

For information on the security systems in place on the In The Know and Neighbourhood Alerts system please see the security and safety page.

How will I know emails are from Lancashire Police?

All In The Know messages are sent within the secure Neighbourhood Alert system and are clearly branded as being from Lancashire Constabulary.

Do others see my e-mail address?

No, other subscribers will not see any of your details.

Will you share my details with other agencies?

During the registration process and from your administration area you will have the opportunity to review and select additional licensed information providers who will, if authorised by you, be able to see your data and send you messages.  Although all the information providers listed may not be actively using the system at this time, you will be notified as they come on board.  You can remove any information provider at any time.

Who can see my personal details and other information that I provide?

Information Providers and organisations able to see your data are: Neighbourhood Watch, The Police, Trading Standards and VISAV Limited.

(`Neighbourhood Watch` as stated above is defined by: `Democratic, elected representatives of the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network (England & Wales) who have signed a Neighbourhood Alert Information Provider licence to represent Neighbourhood Watch throughout England and Wales.)

(`The Police` as stated above is defined by: authorised and trained employees of your local county Police Force or Constabulary and a limited number of cross-force representatives, all of which have agreed to abide by the Neighbourhood Alert rules and Conventions and limited to Forces and Constabularies that have signed a Neighbourhood Alert Licence)

(`Trading Standards` as stated above is defined by: employees of City or County Councils who work within or on behalf of Trading Standards related departments and who have signed a Neighbourhood Alert Information Provider licence.)

Each organisation has signed an Information provider Licence and has a nominated Data Controller registered with the Information Commissioners Office.



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