Do I need to register with the Police?

If you need to register with the Police on your arrival in the UK, it should be written on your entry visa vignette, biometric residence permit or Home Office letter approving your application for leave. You may also receive an email containing this requirement.  We cannot register you if you do not have a requirement in writing on any of these documents.

You will need to register with us if you are 16 or older, and are from one of these countries:

Afghanistan Algeria Argentina Armenia
Azerbaijan Bahrain Belarus Bolivia
Brazil China Columbia Cuba
Egypt Georgia Iran Iraq
Israel Jordan Kazakhstan Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Libya Moldova
Morocco North Korea Oman Palestine
Peru Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia
Sudan Syria Tajikistan Tunisia
Turkey Turkmenistan UAE Ukraine
Uzbekistan Yemen    

Note: A person who holds a passport issued by the Special Administrative Region of either Hong Kong or Macao is classed as a Chinese national and needs to register.

Some 30-day visas require you to register with the Police.

If this is the case, it will be written on the visa. The following examples may be shown:

  • Pol Reg or
  • Police Registration or
  • Register with the Police in seven days of UK entry


if any one of the following conditions also apply:

  • Your visa requires you to register
  • You are in the UK and switching to a visa which requires you to register
  • On entering the UK your visa states ‘Police Registration Within 7 days of arrival’
  • The remarks section on the back of your Biometric Residence Permit states ‘Register/Report to Police’ or on the accompanying letter or by email from the Home Office
  • If you are already in the UK and applying for ‘Leave to Remain’ or ‘Extension of Leave to Remain’ and are notified in writing that you are subject to the police registration scheme

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