What is the best way to protect my shed from being broken into?

The ideal situation is not to have anything of great value in the shed but this is obviously not a viable option for many people.

There are anti-theft padlocks available that can make a shed harder to break into, it might also be worth considering securing valuable items inside the shed such as with a good quality lock and chain that is secured to the frame of the shed. If the intruder thinks it is going to take a long time to break in then they may not bother trying.

Other options are to have your house burglar alarm extended to the garage, get a battery operated alarm for the shed or have good quality security lighting that covers the area where the shed is located.

The police do not endorse particular brands or types of locks and each shed or outbuilding is different and will require different types of security. There are many third party resources such as The Crime Prevention Website who can give you specific advice on locks and other security measures.

In case the worst does happen, then it is worth checking with your insurance company that items in your shed are covered.

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