What can happen to staff members complained about?

A member of the force will not be dismissed or undergo formal misconduct, performance or criminal proceedings as a result of local handling of a complaint.

Possible outcomes include an apology from the Constabulary, no action or informal management action, the aim being not to apportion blame but for the individual and organisation to learn lessons from the complaint and improve our service as a result.

If an investigation indicates a member of staff may have committed a criminal offence, the report will be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for a decision as to whether criminal charges can be brought against the individual.

In addition to the outcomes mentioned above, following a formal investigation an individual may face misconduct or unsatisfactory performance proceedings resulting in more serious sanctions, including dismissal.

We are unable to conduct any formal misconduct proceedings until the appeal period has elapsed. If such proceedings are warranted, you will be invited to attend.

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