Our Policing Approach: The Health Protection Regulations

This is a critical time for Lancashire and we need the help and co-operation of our communities to get through this national health emergency.

On Wednesday 13th May 2020The Health Protection Regulations were updated to allow for greater movement in public spaces. People are still not allowed to leave or be outside of their homes without a reasonable excuse. The measures that are in place and your compliance with them will help save thousands of lives that both we and our communities have a vital part to play in.

During this time you will see an increased visible police presence within your communities. We will be talking to people to explain the Government Regulations, making sure they understand them and are encouraged to follow them. We will take a common sense and proportionate approach, but equally we will use these new powers if people refuse to follow the regulations. Enforcing the powers is a last resort but they are there to keep people safe and we will use them wherever we need to. 

There has been an expansion to the reasonable excuses, and business openings, under the amendments to mean people can:

  • collect goods from a business permitted to remain open (click and collect) and visit recycling centres, garden centres and outdoor sport court
  • take part in activity associated with the sale or letting of residential property – including visiting estate agents and attending house viewings
  • visit public open spaces alone for recreation to promote their physical, mental or emotional wellbeing
  • visit public open spaces with ONE member of another household for the above purpose or, as previously, alone or with members of their household
  • take exercise with ONE member of another household or, as previously, alone or with members of their household

The following activities are not in the list of examples of reasonable excuses:

  • To go on holiday, this includes to visit and stay overnight at a holiday home or second home.
  • To visit the homes of friends and family (exceptions include to protect a vulnerable person, for medical purposes or to escape risk of harm).
  • Travelling to outdoor spaces in Wales and Scotland for recreation (not exercise) may result in offences being committed in those jurisdictions, and so may not be a reasonable excuse for leaving home.
  • Gatherings of three or more people (from different households) are not permitted




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