If you have been stopped by police and believe that you were covered by a valid insurance policy at the time of the alleged offence, we invite you to complete the attached form and return this, with a copy of the insurance document, to:

Safer Roads Unit,
PO Box 1329,
PR2 0SX.

We would advise that you send your documents via recorded delivery. Alternatively, you may scan and send the form and policy document by email, quoting your notice reference number.

Upon receipt of your documents we will make enquiries to confirm the validity of your insurance and notify you of the outcome in due course; this may take several weeks.

If it transpires you were insured, we will make arrangements for this offence to be withdrawn; but please be aware if the policy you seek to rely on does not cover you on the relevant date, you will be summonsed to Court and the Magistrates will be made aware.


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