Mounted Branch

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We are incredibly proud of our horses and the work they do, not least because we are one of just a few forces across the whole country to have a mounted section.

Our horses live at our police stables and each horse has his own stable and is named after a Lancashire town and the Queen's Jubilee and Preston Guild.

We are known throughout the country for the quality of training our horses receive, including dealing with potential riot situations, fire hazards, and loud music. They help out at all sorts of busy events like football matches, protests and parades. Each horse wears its own "suit of armour" including head shields and shin pads for its own protection. There is nothing more reassuring than the sight of police officers on horseback!

Aside from the dynamic and crime fighting aspects of policing, the Mounted Branch is by far the most approachable and family friendly department in the force and we are happy to introduce our horses to the public at any opportunity we get. We value greatly the effect our horses have on children and adults alike and they are a marvellous way to break the ice with everyone we meet.

If you see us out and about please stop us to say hello, we're looking forward to meeting you!

For more information you can email us.

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