Valuing Difference & Inclusion blog

The College of Policing published its review of Police Leadership in June 2015. A key theme running through the heart of the review was the need for both visible diversity and diversity in how people think, and to value those differences within policing. The review stated that:

‘To maintain public legitimacy the police service must be able to demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in all decision making and actions. It must reflect, understand and enjoy the trust and confidence of all the diverse communities it serves.”

There is a need to recognise that underrepresentation must be addressed but our understanding needs to be more sophisticated in what that means particularly in light of the speed and complexity of demographic changes.

We need to acknowledge that while ‘measuring’ is important, the mentality needs to shift from just counting people to one which really makes people count.

Valuing Difference within policing is important as the organisations benefit from different perspectives and being different is a good thing. Inclusion is the behavior that embraces difference and diversity. 

This blog has been created to share stories where valuing difference really matters and creates a culture and environment with a climate where people feel their opinions count and that they can really make a difference.

On a regular basis, we will share stories from our staff who come from diverse backgrounds to reflect how Lancashire Constabulary as one of its core values creates a culture where our staff are valued, respected, and heard.