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LGBT NetworkLGBT Network

The LGBT staff network is one of the many staff associations within Lancashire Constabulary and is open to any staff member (police officer, police staff, special, volunteer or police cadet) who self-identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans*, regardless of gender, role or rank. It aims to work towards equality of opportunity for LGB&T* employees and provides guidance and support.


  • To offer advice and support in a totally confidential manner;
  • To offer advice and support to both existing staff, whether LGB&T* or not, and those from the LGB&T* community interested in joining the police service;
  • To work towards improving relations between the Lancashire Constabulary and our LGB&T* communities;
  • To work towards creating an improved working environment to enable and empower LGB&T* employees to feel more comfortable at work;

To encourage, support and provide awareness to allies to the LGB&T* support network.

Inspire - Women in PolicingInspire – Women in Policing

The network was established to encourage more women to be involved in the Constabulary’s decision-making and to develop a network of professional and social contacts between women at a local, national and eventually international level.


  • To provide encouragement, mentoring and coaching to support career development, and thus inspire women to achieve their full potential
  • To create opportunities to share experiences with other women in the Constabulary, communicating across the Constabulary for mutual advantage
  • To support women and their families, raise awareness of, and provide information and advice on, a range of gender-specific issues
  • To establish a forum that aims to influence Constabulary policies and procedures
  • To strive for proportionate representation in specialist posts, supervisory and management roles
  • To support the promotion and implementation of the ‘gender agenda’
  • To provide opportunities for personal and professional development to all staff, with a particular regard to gender issues

Disability Network

Disibility Support GroupThe Lancashire Constabulary Disability Support Group (DSG) was formed in 2005 and was in place to help employees as the result of the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, now the Equality Act 2010. Unlike other groups and organisations within the service, disabling conditions cut right across the board. It can affect anyone with a complete disregard to race, gender, sexuality, creed and even rank, and can occur at any and most often at an unexpected time during ones service.


 To be a critical friend in ensuring that Wellbeing is part of the norm, not something we need to add onto what we do and forms part of our day-to-day life.

  • Provide initial support to staff who declare that they have a disability to which the Act applies or any disability or medical condition, which they feel, will have an adverse effect on their working conditions.
  • To establish a network of people who have knowledge of specific disabilities / conditions and can provide an insight into the effects it can have on an individual.
  • Offer a mediation role between staff who are seeking support and any other representative of the Constabulary to assist in ensuring that staff have a good work / life balance.

Lancashire Black Police Association

LBPAThe Lancashire Black Police Association (LBPA) was formed to provide a collective voice for the black & minority ethnic (BME), police officers and staff employed by Lancashire Constabulary.

  • Build trust & confidence between BME communities and Lancashire Constabulary
  • Raise awareness & understanding of both the BME communities and Lancashire Constabulary.
  • Maintaining & Strengthening internal/external networks.
  • Support/advice for members & associate member.
  • Raise concerns/issues/needs of members.
  • Support/advice/representation for/of members at complaints/disciplinary meetings/investigations.
  • Support for Chief/senior officer team.
  • Consultation/advice on policy/procedure.
  • Consultation/advice on operational policing.
  • Support/advice for specialist departments.
  • Workforce Representation – recruitment/retention/progression of BME staff.
  • Support/advice/training for recruits.
  • Address members cultural/faith needs.

Autism Network

The aim of LCAN is to increase awareness and to provide support for colleagues, partners and the wider community.

The LCAN consists of Constabulary staff that have been affected by or have an interest in ASC. We are active members of a number of regional and national organisations including the National Autism Society Criminal Justice Board and the National Police Autism Association.      

Our Mission

Our aim is to increase awareness of ASC and provide support to our colleagues, partners and the wider community.  

Lancashire Christian Police Association

The CPA provides a visible framework for Christian Police Officers and staff from all denominations to join in unity of spirit and purpose. We enjoy the freedom to meet together, to pray together and encourage each other from small local groups, meeting in members' houses, churches or police stations through to our annual national conference. The Christian Police Association is non-denominational; we have members who are Baptist, Church of England, Methodist, Episcopalians and Presbyterians and from many of the other mainstream traditions. We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance. The Lancashire Branch of the CPA was officially launched in May 2012 but we had been meeting informally for a number of years before the launch. We are part of the Lancashire police staff networks and our branch leader/ deputy represent the CPA at various network meetings. Main meetings are held approx. every two months in different parts of the county and are open to all – you don't need to be a member to come along.

Our Mission
  • A voice for Christians in policing.
  • Encourage and support Christians in the police service.
  • Communicate in words and action, the truth, message and hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to colleagues and the communities in Lancashire that we serve.
  • Build bridges between the Christian community and Lancashire Constabulary. 
Our Vision
  • A national charity, of which we are one branch, which actively leads on issues relevant to Christians in policing
  • For every Christian in the police service to fulfil their potential in Jesus Christ.
  • Colleagues and those we serve to know Jesus Christ personally.
  • Police and churches working together in every community to reduce crime and improve quality of life.
Our Values

Prayer, organisation, justice, truth, peace, love, hope and compassion

Lancashire European Staff Network

The European Staff Network has been established to focus on the development and integration, provide a collective voice for the non-UK European and Eastern European nationals employed by Lancashire Constabulary.

Our aim is for Lancashire Constabulary to understand and value the differences between our staff from non-UK European backgrounds and appreciate their cultural expertise.

We strive to increase trust and confidence in policing by creating and maintaining an environment which promotes equality, diversity and rights in working practices and in doing so provide a service which is responsive to the needs of all our European communities.

What do we offer?

  • Build trust and confidence between non-UK European communities and Lancashire Constabulary
  • Raise awareness and understanding of both the non-UK European communities and Lancashire Constabulary
  • Maintain and strengthen internal/external networks
  • Support/advice for members and associate members and their families
  • Raise concerns/issues/needs of members
  • Consultation/advice on policies and operational procedures
  • Support for Chief/senior officer team
  • Address members cultural needs
  • Support the increase of our Non-UK European workforce representation

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UNISON now has well over a million members in total, with over 30,000 members working in every police force in the United Kingdom (except the Metropolitan Police and the Police Service of Northern Ireland). Our members carry out a wide range of roles such as administration, forensics and photography and customer facing roles such as Communications Operators, Public Enquiry Assistants and PCSOs.

On your own, you cannot defend yourself from job insecurity or stress, or improve your pay and conditions. You need the backing of a strong Trade Union for that!

The Lancashire Constabulary branch of UNISON provides strength and assistance when you need help.

Our full complement of Executive Officers enables the branch office to provide informative and expert advice and representation on a wide range of issues:

  • Pensions
  • Disciplinary issues 
  • Personal regradings
  • Departmental reorganisations                                                   
  • Advice on employment matters
  • Grievances
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Health and safety at work
  • Equal opportunity issues
  • Maternity & paternity leave provisions

The Police Federation assist police officers and promote the welfare and efficiency of the Force. Serving officers will find information within the site that relates to the National Organisation, Police Regulations and our member services.

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