Our Ambition, Mission and Values

Our mission

Our Ambition

The Chief Constable has had a long-term aspiration and clear vision for the Constabulary, to provide the best policing services in the country; he calls this the Ambition.  Whilst the wording of the Ambition has evolved over time, along with the changing police performance landscape, the sentiment therein has remained the same:

"A determination to consistently be the best police force in the Country, delivering the best quality of service to the public."

Our Mission

Whilst the Ambition details the aspiration for success of the Constabulary, the Chief Constable has also stated a clear mission for what the Force should deliver on behalf of the people it serves, determining that the purpose of the Constabulary is:

"To keep people safe and feeling safe, particularly the most vulnerable."

Our Commitment

Emergency Response - Contact us and we will respond quickly and appropriately.
Local Policing - You will know your local team and we will know your area
Serious Crime - We will investigate serious and organised crime, terrorism and child sexual exploitation.

Our Values

To enable the Constabulary to deliver its mission, and achieve its Ambition, the Chief Officer Team sets a clear strategic direction for the organisation.  A set of values, considered to be at the core of the Constabulary’s approach to public service, outline the expectation of officers and staff as to the style of policing in Lancashire. These include Fairness, Integrity and Respect delivered with Professionalism and Optimism.


Our demand in a Day

Our demand in a Day 


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