Behind the Badge

Welcome to ‘Behind the Badge’ where we hope to show you some of the more ‘hidden’ or ‘unseen’ police work we do every day to keep the people of Lancashire safe.Behind the Badge logo

The demands of modern policing are a far cry from the tradition of the bobby on the beat, but we know many people see this as a reassuring presence in their neighbourhoods and communities and this is why we are committed to delivering local policing across the county. However, behind the beat bobby is a line-up of other officers and staff keeping you safe – from the crime scene investigator, to the custody officer, to the senior detectives that investigate serious crimes such as murder and rape.

We also have the family liaison officer who supports bereaved parents and children when their loved ones have been killed, the public protection officers who support victims of domestic abuse and protect children from neglect or sexual abuse, and the covert officers who police the internet to catch paedophiles who use cyberspace to groom young people.

Policing has changed as the nature of crime has changed. In September 2014 we held a force Open Weekend in an effort to show people first-hand the challenges we face. Take a look at our video showing all the highlights from the event. Want to know what happens when you call the police? Take a look at our Contact Management Department.


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